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in2aqua and Watersense

in2aqua is a proud partner of WaterSense.  Just since last year, Watersense labeled products have helped Americans save 437 billion gallons of water, not to mention the energy associated with heating, pumping, and treating that water. In fact, over the past nine years, WaterSense labeled products have helped save 212 billion kilowatt hours of energy, enough to supply a year's worth of power to more than 19.4 million homes, which eliminated 78 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

All in2aqua drinking faucets are high efficiency faucet and combine the best of form, function and flow.

Decorative Plumbing Distributors  makes a splash with in2aqua

Decorative Plumbing Distributors, Inc. (DPD), a family owned operation, is one of the most unique distributors in the country. DPD sells mid- to high-end plumbing product lines to plumbing showrooms and is the master distributor for in2aqua in the USA.  DPD continues to expand the brand rapidly and have already opened approximately 50 plumbing showrooms in California.  Soon they aim to expand in2aqua across the entire USA.
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